Emo Hip Hop Dancer

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Greetings! We have recently released an awesome game in our portal. Your users will love playing this game. We request you to take a look and add the game to your portal. Find the game details below: Name: Emo Hip Hop Dancer Description: Our emo girl wants fashionable dresses for the hip pop dance completion. Choose the best dresses to dance in the hip pop show. Game URL: http://www.dressurgirl.com/girl-games/2494/emo-hip-hop-dancer.html SWF: http://www.dressurgirl.com/games/files/Emo-Hip-Hop-Dancer.swf Thumbnail1: http://www.dressurgirl.com/images/Emo.Hip.Hop.Dancer-200x250.jpg Thumbnail2: http://www.dressurgirl.com/images/Emo.Hip.Hop.Dancer-160x120.jpg Thumbnail3: http://www.dressurgirl.com/images/Emo.Hip.Hop.Dancer-120x90.jpg Thumbnail4:http://www.dressurgirl.com/images/Emo.Hip.Hop.Dancer-100x100.jpg Thumbnail5: http://www.dressurgirl.com/images/Emo.Hip.Hop.Dancer-180x135.jpg Thumbnail6: http://www.dressurgirl.com/images/Emo.Hip.Hop.Dancer-90x120.jpg Game Size: 683 (w) x 539 (h) Keywords: Emo Hip Hop Dancer, Dressing Games, Kids Games, Girls Games,Makeup Games, Matching Games. Category: Dressurgirl.com webmaster@dressurgirl.com Use Mouse http://www.dressurgirl.com/images/Emo.Hip.Hop.Dancer-150x150.jpg